What can I say I'm not one for the spotlight, just ask my husband and I'm sure he will shake his head and chuckle. I am the most difficult person to photograph, I couldn't be more awkward and stiff, thank goodness he knows his way around the camera :) Truth is, I am a very self conscious person, and I find it difficult to write about myself, but here are a few things maybe you didn't know about me;


I was born and raised in the city of Calgary. I am equally as passionate as I am stubborn. To say that I am OCD would be an understatement, I have to have organization, a messy cupboard will drive me crazy and give me anxiety all day. I say things I don't mean when I'm Hangry, I could sit in a tattoo chair all day, but please don't make me go for a blood test "I get queazy"! I married my best friend in 2015, and I have been blessed with two wonderfully, crazy children that always keep me on my toes!


For myself along side many others, 2020 was by far the toughest year for my family and we are still actively trying to put the pieces back together. Limits, boundaries and patience have all been well tested, I take comfort in knowing that we are in this together and that we are all still standing!


So who is Bud & Rose?

The inspiration behind the scenes, the light in my soul, simply put they are my Grandparents. 


I have always felt some what robbed of time with them as they were taken before the most meaningful moments and mile stones in my life. I envy those who were able to share a dance at their wedding, a smile at the birth of their children and a laugh at their silly endeavours. 


Bud and Rose were blessed with five children, eleven grand children and 20+ great grand children, no matter how the family grew and boy did it sure grow, they always had a little something for everyone! Their love, their strength, and their passion are just a few of the many qualities that I hope to embrace and bestow upon my children.